Toke of the Week: Apex Extractions

Photo courtesy Apex Extractions

Have you ever gone to your local dispensary and anxiously waited in line for what seemed like forever, only to be disappointed by the selection or pricing? And in the typical distribution process, it can take weeks for products to get from the places where they are manufactured to the dispensaries where you purchase them. During that time, you risk losing the brilliant flavor and intensity that sets a good experience apart from a great one. 

 But Apex Extractions’ new service looks to put an end to not only your commute, but also the worries of product freshness by delivering to your home a premium selection of curated products. The subscription-based experience provides members with a carefully crafted mix of 1-gram concentrates or, if you’re so inclined, a trio of its award-winning vape pens, each carrying a half-gram of terpene-rich extracts. 

 Right now, the service is available via to anyone age 21 or older who is a resident of California. If you sign up for the Fresh Club ($139, including taxes and delivery costs), you’re looking at saving more than enough of your hard-earned cash to finally buy that above-ground spa you’ve been eyeing at the OC Fair every year. And with a new box from Apex each month, it will be easy to keep the party going well into the night. Just make sure you invite me. 

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