Toke of the Week: 710 Labs’ Concentrates

Photo courtesy 710 Labs

One thing that excites me about our 2016 victory concerning legal cannabis is the considerable amount of progress we’ve made in such a short amount of time. It wasn’t long ago that average consumers had no way of knowing whether the eighth they had purchased was the “chronic” or if it were likely to give them chronic lung disease because of residual pesticides. Now that we’ve accepted that cannabis isn’t going to drive us into reefer madness, it’s time to enjoy safe, lab-tested concentrates—just as our founding fathers intended. 

For me, the time between whenever I get off work and when I finally fall asleep while watching Designing Women reruns is spent within walking distance of my vaporizer. Using concentrates over flower can be beneficial for several reasons, but I personally enjoy the “entourage effects” while dabbing with a strain that can contain nearly three times the amount of THC levels compared to its floral counterparts. 

The downside to some concentrates is the use of solvents such as CO2 and butane; the latter is used to make the commonly available butane hash oil (BHO). The use of these gasses may show up in the end product and greatly alter the taste as well as the consistency, leaving you with medicine that may do more harm than good. Solventless options are available and may deter the casual consumer with their price and scarcity, but the Colorado-based 710 Labs has consistently been on the forefront of setting industry trends with its lineup of top-tier concentrates that are worth every penny. After dabbing their aptly named Lemon Heads #4 strain ($89.99 per gram), I was so impressed that I don’t think I’ll ever smoke flower again. 

Available at Blüm, 2911 Tech Center Dr., Santa Ana, (949) 238-4203;

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  1. That isn’t solventless, and is grossly overpriced. Better sauces are available for half that price. 710 makes solventless products as well – they are also overpriced and overrated.
    Support the legal market- residual solvent testing is part of the process in CA so you know the end product is clean. And if you want solventless get a press and smush your own!

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