Todd Spitzer Continues Quest to be OC's God, Now Greets People at John Wayne Airport

5:30 in the morning last week, and I'm bleary-eyed AF at John Wayne Airport, readying to go…somewhere. Suddenly, the voice of Orange County Board of Supervisors chairman Todd Spitzer–he of the slick hair who never met a camera, microphone, smartphone, or reporter he didn't immediately try to mug for, even if it was for the Christopher Dorner manhunt in the San Bernardino Mountains–boomed from the airport's speakers. It was one of those usual welcome-to-blah-blah-blah that mayors and celebrities record for airports–but certainly not supervisors.

“Must've had all the supervisors record one,” I mumbled to myself, fully expecting Michelle Steel–who represents the 2nd District in which John Wayne Airport resides–to follow some minutes later with her canned response. But damnit, no: Only Todd gave the greetings, and it repeated again and again and again and again…MAKE IT STOP.


In my decade or so of traveling through John Wayne Airport, I don't recall any politician recording such a message. Or my ears so attuned to any Spitzer grandstanding that I'm ignoring years of precedent to pick on Todd? Regardless, no one except Susan Kang Schroeder cares about Todd's voice, and it's obviously yet the umpteenth offensive in their pissing match to become the county's next district attorney. Hey, Todd: have an actual OCer that people want to hear welcome travelers to OC, like Mickey Mouse or Kobe Bryant or someone…

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