Todd Spitzer Calls For Polygraph In Dispute With DA

Following Wednesday's heated, dueling press conferences between District Attorney Tony Rackauckas and Todd Spitzer, his recently fired understudy, OC Register columnist Frank Mickadeit accurately wrote today that the men provided opposite answers on at least three topics.

Upshot, according to Mickadeit: someone is lying.
And that's terrible given that we are talking about people who have been charged in their careers with honestly obtaining justice.


The points in question are mind numbingly inside baseball so I won't repeat them here, but suffice to say that they involve allegations of impropriety on Spitzer's part.
Again, showing that he's not going to be bulldozed by his former colleagues, Spitzer told me tonight that Rackauckas and his PR team headed by Susan Kang Schroeder are lying.
Spitzer actually went a step farther. He says he will take a polygraph examination to prove he's not lying about his version of events.

​Spitzer–a former county supervisor, deputy district attorney and state assemblyman–was fired in August by Rackauckas, after the DA attempted to groom him to takeover the powerful law enforcement agency.
Rackauckas said he learned that Spitzer wasn't mature enough for the job. Spitzer says he was lured back into the DA's office in a conspiracy so that he wouldn't run against Rackauckas in the 2010 election.
I'll buy Rackauckas a donut if he agrees to take a polygraph too.
–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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