Today's Biggest Laugh: Dana Rohrabacher as Sage

In a county with a history of sending buffoons to congress, Dana Rohrabacher is fast earning his way to the top of the embarrassing heap.

Rohrabacher, the politician who avoided Vietnam War era military service, continues to pretend he's an expert on the war in Afghanistan.
His absurd act continued today in the Washington Post.

He argued that American troops cannot win in Aghanistan.

“We will not succeed, and America will eventually be weakened by loss of lives and the expenditure of hundreds of billions of dollars,” he told Post reporter Perry Bacon. “What works in Afghanistan is what has worked in Afghanistan: Let the Afghans pay the price. Let them do the fighting.”
Whether Rohrabacher's latest assertion is correct isn't my point. In 2004, during the administration of Republican President George W. Bush, he wholeheartedly supported the U.S. military invasion of Afghanistan. In fact, while Bush was in office, he congratulated the president for having “done a great job” there and happily–if erroneously–declared, “We have seen the Taliban and al Qaeda driven out of Afghanistan . . .”
At another point in 2004, he said Bush's Afghanistan military strategy was “magnificent.”
Now that President Barack Obama basically has adopted Bush's strategy of engagement in that country Rohrabacher has “emphatically” determined it's wrong.
The flip flops aren't surprising for a man who in the 1990s vigorously lobbied on behalf of the Taliban while that organization was working with terrorist Osama bin Laden
–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly 

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