Today is Ozomatli Day!

In Los Angeles, anyway. According to the Ozomatli site, “The City of Los Angeles will officially declare April 23rd, 2010
as 'Ozomatli Day' to celebrate and recognize the fifteenth year of the
LA-based and Grammy-award-winning band, Ozomatli.” Huh. I guess you don't have to be dead to have an official day.

Ozomatli Day is also the day that Mayor Villaraigosa and various city council
members will dance to “Como Ves”
at City Hall. Oh, no, wait, I guess I just made that up. However, if you're a big fan
and don't mind the drive, the awarding ceremony will be held at noon at the Los Angeles City Hall (200 N. Spring St., downtown).
Some kids will also be performing Ozomatli songs for the “Ozomatli Day
Jam Session.”

And don't say this is a worthless holiday: We heard that
you can get in for free tonight if you wear an Ozomatli shirt
to Little Temple (4519 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles).

Anyway, this made me curious: What cities in OC have presented bands with their own official days? I tried to see if Long Beach had an Official Sublime Day, but all I got was this, so I guess that means any day can be a Sublime day!

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