Tincup American Whiskey, Our Drink of (Last) Week!

Back in 2013, when I sung the praises of Colorado's Stranahan Whiskey and complained that Hi-Time Wine Cellar didn't stock it, a kind soul sent me a bottle of Tincup American Whiskey. “Hi-Time sells it,” he said, “and it's a great Colorado whiskey.” I put it in my collection, and went on to other drinks.

Fast-forward to earlier this year, when Hi-Time let me know they now carry Stranahan's–HELL YA! In its honor, I finally cracked open the Tincup and found an able, cheaper companion.


Tincup is technically a bourbon, which you'll immediately recognize at the nose and in its spicy rye overtones. But it distinguishes itself from Kentucky hooch with a smoothness almost as silky as that of vodka. It's a wonderful drink great for sipping, but cheap enough that you can throw it into a Manhattan or sour. Buy Stranahan's, and Tincup, and love them both. But a quick note: don't drink Tincup from the tin cup that comes with it–throws off the flavor. Instead, use that tin cup for a pencil holder or something…

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