Tincture Guide, or How We Ruined a Bottle of Vodka

The finished product (Courtesy of Jefferson Van Billiard)

So you’ve spent a few months growing out a ridiculous mustache and those vintage suspenders you ordered off eBay have finally arrived. You might think you’re ready to be a cannabis mixologist, but you still have some work ahead of you. This guide will help navigate you towards a cocktail tailor-fitted to your specific tastes in order to have you looking like Tom Cruise before all the weird ritualistic church stuff and/or fake relationships.

There’s a very easy way to make cocktails for yourself at home. Several products labeled as syrups containing various flavors and THC content are available at most dispensaries and provide a user-friendly experience as a replacement for sugar in homemade drinks. For people that aren’t ready to dive into the world of imbibing we’d suggest pairing one of Cannavis brand signature flavors in your next margarita or dirty shirley. With flavors ranging from lemon-lime to peach, a capful of their potent potions will help guide you to a deeper state of relaxation while you try and figure out what Kanye meant when he said “poop-a-dee-scoop” on his latest album.

So now that we’ve explored the possibilities of sugar-based elixirs we can begin to tackle something that requires a little more thought and a bit of patience. We began by purchasing a bottle of Tito’s vodka and gathering about a 1/4 of various strains that had been left over from our 4/20 office party. We combined the two in a mason jar and stored it in our fridge, right behind Debra from HR’s bottle of Ranch so we knew it would be safe. Then we forgot about it. Honestly, it was the best possible outcome because we recently unearthed our unexpected cannabis time capsule and what we found next will shock you.

Ok, it probably won’t shock you. What we got was a very dark, murky, mix of Texas-lies and cannabis. Once the solids were separated from the alcohol we got to work creating a cocktail that would suit this vegetal mess we’d created.

After several tests we concluded two things:

  1. We underestimated the power of our tincture and realized our potent mix wasn’t meant to be the star of the show.
  2. About an ounce added to a cocktail with an herbal base is the only way to tackle this green monstrosity.
Are you shocked? (Photo by Jefferson Van Billiard)

So with those things in mind, we present to you our cannabis cocktail perfect for that weekend BBQ.

1.5 oz Tequila

0.5 oz Cannabis Tincture

0.5 oz Lime

3 slices of cucumber


Add all ingredients to a shaker tin with ice and vigorously shake for five seconds. Strain liquid into glass, add ice, and top with Ginger Beer. Voila!

The cocktail was ok. Not great, we suggest adding some simple syrup to the recipe to cover up some of the bitterness from the flowers. There are a lot of things we could have done with our trimmings besides soaking them in vodka so skip the science and leave the DIY for the hipsters. For a surefire hit this summer our money is on Cannavis syrup, a bottle of Rosé, and the nearest beach.

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