Time to Occupy Mike Harrah?

Cranes and heavy machinery are finally moving at the massive lot on the corner of Broadway and 10th Street in SanTana owned by Mike Harrah, the mega-developer intent on building on that site a 37-story Freudian eyesore called One Broadway Plaza–never mind it's right next to a high school and across the street from an elementary school. We've long covered his nearly decade-long subversion of democracy to have it built, his ownership of the SanTana City Council, and it seems like Harrah's will is finally being done.

Which raises the question: is it time to Occupy Mike Harrah?

That's the suggestion left at another of his SanTana properties: the Santora Building, one he had no problems defacing earlier this year as long as it suited his needs. I'm sure the tag below is already gone…

…but the suggestion is fascinating for those activists enraged with Harrah and his clowncil puppets. Chain yourselves to the cranes like Laguna Beach activists did to save their beloved hills during the 1990s, santaneros!

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