Time and Energy Premiere Trippy New Video for 'Hot Air' on Heard Mentality

Though they've been playing together for about about 10 years, multi-instrumentalists Brennan Roach and Jorge Rios didn't find their true groove as a duo until the creation of Time and Energy. Together, they create a kaleidoscopic mesh of angular rhythms, poetic road diaries and layered loops of guitar, keys and drums. The sound is closely personified in the title of their album “Strange Kind of Focus,” out Nov. 16. They definitely took the concept  of the album title very literally for their new, self-directed music video for the lead single “Hot Air.” The video premieres today on Heard Mentality. Before you decide to watch it, understand that if you've never done acid before, this is probably the next best thing. 
Creating a psychedelic  world of tie-dye, paper mache and banana slugs, Rios and Roach provide a colorful, puzzle-like pop mosaic for you to trip out on. In addition to releasing the new album next month, you can also look out for a full story on the band when they land in our Local's Only section next week. Get a rainbow spoonful of the band in their new video after the jump.
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