A lot of Replacements, a little Crimpshrine and a nice piece of Jawbreaker (especially “Chesterfield King”) go into Tiltwheel alongside the most durable fundamentals of California punk—tours, beers, making music to keep your shit together—and that makes this a band that just isn’t gonna just roll over and die. Singer/guitarist Davey is what they call a lifer (or at least a “true believer”) and has built an intensely personal discography across rare split-7”s since probably the early ‘90s if not before; it’s how pop and punk used to connect before that just meant whining at high speed. A rare show from a band between cult classic and cult heroes. This week, they play with Samiam, who are similarly shaking a little more glory from the East Bay glory days.

Wed., Dec. 29, 9 p.m., 2010

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