Tijuana No!

Some people like ska for its silliness. Orange County has, at times, been so rife with ska bands of the silly variety, it's easy to forget that underneath the frantic reggae rhythms and trombone slides, the music can pack a serious message. Tijuana No! is a ska band that doesn’t turn a blind eye to the world’s dark injustices. Known for songs about the ugly face of capitalism, this band also does a beautiful cover of the Clash’s “Spanish Bombs.” They’ve even reportedly participated in fundraisers for Zapatistas and other rebel groups. Following the untimely death of founding member Luis Güereña, the group disbanded in the early 2000s, though they still pop up from time to time. Be sure to check them out at the Yost—before they go underground again.

Sun., Aug. 3, 7 p.m., 2014

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