Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw's 2014 album release Charmer marks the triumphant return of the Scranton, Pennsylvania indie band after shrinking down to size from five members to two. Remaining musicians Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh continue to amplify their moody, emotionally-driven lyrics with their passionate, soulful vocals and weeping, messy guitar work. Earlier releases like their self-titled album showcased the group's pop punk style, often attributed as slightly emo too, and Charmer comes across as a return to form with even more moxy and energy as the group's previous work. Strains of mid '90s alt-rock are interwoven in their tracks as well, and along with Collins and Walsh's harmonizing style, the music of Tigers Jaw continues to go underrated in these parts. Their appearances in Southern California are few and far between, so make a point to catch their set tonight.

Thu., April 23, 8:30 p.m., 2015

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