Thrash Metal Band Exodus Banned From House of Blues Anaheim

If you were at the March 22, stop of the 3rd annual Metal Alliance Tour, you might have noticed that one thrash metal band was not the bill at the House of Blues in Anaheim. As it turns out, we can blame the Disney Corporation for that. 

Northern California thrash metal band Exodus now finds itself among a list of several other heavy metal bands being banned by Disney, including DAATH, Snot, The Faceless and Gallows.

Gary Holt, original member/guitarist of the this band of Bay Area thrash titans took a few moments before the sold out show at the House of Blues Hollywood to explain what it's like to live through three decades of thrash metal, why the Disney ban is ridiculous, and what bands would make his Big Five list.

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“I think it's pretty funny, because Cradle of Filth was booked to play there and those other Disney owned venues, before their whole tour was canceled just recently,” said Holt, over a cigarette outside the House of Blues outdoor backstage lounge. “I didn't hear Disney banning that band, and their most famous t-shirt has huge block letters on it that says 'Jesus is a Cunt, and that was OK!'”

“I think maybe they're more afraid of the audience more than anything, I don't know,” Holt said. “Yeah we do have a lot of violent songs but also our songs, but a lot of our songs have a good message if you listen to the lyrics. I think they're afraid of the wall of death.” 

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The band released a statement online regarding a future show in Florida in April. “Because Exodus is TOO METAL for them, we will NOT be playing at the Lake Buena Vista House of Blues show in Florida on April 12, but the fine thrash maniacs in Tamps have invited us to rage at the Orpheum instead. Who's comin out for a 'Lesson in Violence?'?”

“We're playing in Tampa where they love Satan all those death metal heads,” Holt joked about the April 12, show at the Orpheum.

Over the past three decades, Exodus has undoubtedly thrashed the OC in various venues. But Holt says that as a band from the San Francisco Bay Area, it is hard to distinguish county lines.”We do love to play all over this area,” he said. “But it's all LA to us, man. It's hard to differentiate. It's all so big and spread out.”

With all the hype over last summer's The BIG 4, the epic thrash metal concert featuring, in order, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica, Holt chimed in that his band, Exodus should've constituted the Big 5. “I loved being up there with Slayer, but it'd be nice to have my own band up there too.”

Holt told the Weekly that Exodus so far is having a blast on this tour, barely a week in, with headliners Anthrax, High ON Fire, Municipal Waste and Holy Grail. When it comes to future shows where a Disney venue will not allow the band to play, Holt isn't the least bit concerned. He says he's content and grateful to be on tour with friends of almost three decades.

“Scott Ian from Anthrax and I were hanging out today, and he told me that our bands have been playing together for 29 years,” Holt said.”It's pretty awesome to be friends and get to tour with people you've known since you were a kid; I love it, and look forward to this tour. We hope see the fans at the shows!

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