Thowing Rocks at Cars

A 37-year-old transient was arrested after stealing $7 from the tip jar at a donut shop where two cops were on break. Twenty men fought each other in a Del Taco parking lot. A woman called her mother, told her she'd just smoked methamphetamine and was happy. A 43-year-old man threatened to commit suicide by driving a car off an oceanside cliff. A woman was shot in the face with a BB gun as she drove on Aliso Creek Road. A son-in-law called his in-laws and threatened to chop them up. A 25-year-old white supremacist man punched and spit on a black man in a wheelchair outside a 7-Eleven. A man shoved a woman carrying a baby. The driver of a car slammed into a bicyclist on PCH and fled. Two pit bulls attacked a South County woman. A man found a threatening note on his door. Someone slashed all the tires on an SUV. A woman (not a robbery victim) was found handcuffed in her home at 1:22 a.m. A 50-year-old South County man recklessly weaved in and out of traffic yelling obscenities. A Laguna Beach man mooned a crowd. Three juveniles sat behind a trash dumpster and inhaled a substance from a balloon. A 30-year-old woman was arrested for possession of black tar heroin after she acted suspiciously in a Costa Mesa parking lot. A man in Newport Beach exposed himself. An intoxicated woman was found unconscious on her front lawn. Juveniles threw rocks at vehicles passing under an overpass. A woman reported her wallet missing after two girls came to her home to sell subscriptions to the Register. Two robbers hit a busy Costa Mesa hair salon. A 40-year-old man was found at 10 a.m. drunk and lying on a sidewalk. Toilet paper and strips of bacon were discovered on trees and bushes outside a residence. A man beat another man with a chain. A juvenile was arrested for shooting air-rifle pellets at passing vehicles. A 25-year-old man was run over and killed in a road rage incident on the 5 freeway. A 13-year-old locked his mother out of their home and refused to open the door. Two masked bandits armed with a gun and a knife robbed a Cerritos Albertson's at 1 a.m. When water from a sprinkler splashed his driveway, a man responded by throwing a large metal object at a woman's parked car. An intoxicated skateboarder blocked traffic. Juveniles egged a house and car in the middle of the night. A woman was observed screaming “at the top of her lungs” and throwing objects in her house. Witnesses saw men urinating on dumpsters behind a liquor store. A white male in a Nissan tried to run over a child in the street. Someone stole a woman's purse from a shopping cart at a Ralph's supermarket. A drunk patron refused to leave a bar just after noon. Teenagers ripped the shingles off the roof of a beach bathroom facility and threw them onto the beach. A landlord threw his tenants' clothes off the balcony during an argument. Construction workers yelled obscenities at a resident. A drunk woman left a Dana Point bar and drove in circles in the parking lot until police arrived. Juveniles with a BB gun fired on passing traffic and then hid behind cars. Several teens crowded into a Volkswagen Jetta and drove around drinking beer and playing loud music. A woman called police to say she'd locked herself in the bathroom with a baseball bat because her boyfriend refused to leave the apartment. Eight boys mooned a 9-year-old girl. An elderly woman asked police to remove her elderly roommate. A homeless man was found in the fetal position on a sidewalk at 8 a.m. A bald twentysomething man wearing no shirt and his pants around his ankles was found staggering around someone's back yard.

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