This Weekend: The Original Long Beach Lobster Festival

There are a lot of lobster festivals. Even landlocked Tustin has one. The one happening this weekend is in Long Beach, and it's just one of at least two I know that's held in that general area each year. This one is called “The Original Long Beach Lobster Festival” and it's in its 19th year.

It starts today September 11 and lasts until Sunday, September 13. Tickets are $15 and includes a free souvenir E-Photo, live entertainment, a children's stage (Sat./Sun.), seating, inflatable bounces (whatever that is), a dance floor with lessons and a live sports tent. If you purchase online, you can save $2.


The lobster feast–which includes one fresh live steamed lobster, coleslaw, dinner roll, watermelon, fresh cut lemons and butter dipping sauce–needs to be purchased separately for $28 at the gate, or $11 online at their website.

For all the info you need, go to:

See you there.

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