This Week, You Can Get Dessert With a Side of Girl Scout Cookies

So, this week is Orange County Restaurant Week, and if you missed it, Anne Marie posted some great picks a few days ago.This post isn't about those picks, no, it's about something else I'm really excited about: a bunch of the participating restaurants are doing special desserts using Girl Scout cookies.

My sweet tooth sings. Check after the jump for participating restaurants.


OC Restaurant Week Just Got Sweeter with Girl Scout Cookies from Food Enthusiast on Vimeo.

The restaurants and desserts are as follows:

All delicious sounding, if you ask me (Though I am surprised Lemonades are outnumbering the deLites).

But alas, not all news can be good. This also marks the last week of cookie sales for 2015, so after you eat your dinner, make sure to head over to your nearest girl scout and stock up for the rest of the year.

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