This Week In Food: Watermelon Oreos, the Fullerton Food Truck Ban, and Our New Voice Places!

Yes, it's time for another week in food. You know, that's the thing about weeks…they go in a circle.

First off, Edwin visited Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa and supped upon none other than beef tongue! Then he named the Blue Shelby at Ruby's Steamliner Lounge the Drink of the Week. He announced the opening of Ritter's Steam Kettle Cooking in Santa Ana, and he told us that Watermelon Oreos will be available for a limited time – because the one thing America was missing was watermelon flavored cookies…said no one ever.


Anne Marie announced that Paninoteca (that's when you be eatin' paninis in the club) Maggio will be opening a second location in God damn you guessed it, downtown Santa Ana! She also announced that the OC Wine Mart will be expanding to Yorba Linda. Which means there will now be two, count em two, things to do in YL at any given time. And last, she interviewed Shawn Xa of XA Sweet and Savory Cafe in Orange for her On The Line column.

Dave told us to try the Kalamarakia at Orea in Placentia, which also doubles as a tongue twister when you're not eating it. Then we had two Tijuana Sí! columns this week – one where Dave shared an oddly fancy market in Baja called Fonda Santa Fe, and the second where Bill shared the Baja Bash Benefit in San Diego.

Gustavo visited La Flor de Michoacán, an ice cream shop in Santa Ana, for his weekly Hole in the Wall. Gabriel San Roman told us about Fullerton PD's crusade to rid the downtown area of food trucks. Yeah, we think giving drunk coeds greasy food to sop up all the alcohol is a bad idea too. Ali Lerman interviewed Alie and Georgia, the stars of a new Cooking Channel show who actually got their start in journalism. Taylor, our web editor, unveiled the new Voice Places website, where you can find pretty much any business listing in Orange County. And last but not least, Sarah took us to Lola's Mexican Cuisine for her Long Beach Lunch.

Until next week, ladies and germs, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It.

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