This Week In Food: The Simpsons Takes On Gastroculture, Marshmallow Vodka and Bruxie II

Behold: our weekly round up of all that is good in the foodie-sphere this week. Read what you missed or want to relive after the jump!

The Simpsons will take on foodie culture in an upcoming episode in which Marge becomes a food blogger, as reported by Michelle. Also: Slater's 50/50 serves fried chicken and pancakes. Marshmallow vodka: delicious, or stomach churning? OC kids are 3 percent less fat, but childhood obesity lingers in California (from a Navel Gazing post). Friday is Pepero day: Indulge in the Korean chocolate-dipped biscuit snack.

Bruxie No. 2 opened Tuesday — yay! Shuji dishes on the new menu offerings here. Also, some shitty corporate rip-offs of regional food favorites. Indian food workers got moves, too. Bigmista's Barbecue brings another cart to Long Beach.

Gustavo reported a man suffered head injuries after a drive-by pumpkin attack. Srsly? Also, a false fire alarm at Taco Bell sparks an unintentional arrest. Gustavo named his picks of 10 great OC luxe loncheras.

Anne Marie went On the Line with chef Kieth Stich of Wildfish. Read parts one and two, then get a delicious recipie for Teriyaki Marinated Ahi Tuna With Wasabi Mashed Potatoes.

Edwin gives us his review of Ben & Jerrys' Schweddy Balls ice cream. Two separate studies show that the middle class eats the most fast food and more patrons are ordering water and iced tea at restaurants. A corn-shucking how-to video hit 5 million pageviews in two months!

Here's Dave's recipe for Chez Panisse. Also: Jason Quinn's new restaurant, Playground, will open Nov. 18. OC Fish & Chip is Tustin Avenue's hidden chippie!  

Happy eating!

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