This Week in Food: Taco Gorging by Kobayashi, Beerfest and Junk Food!

This edition of our weekly food roundup should be called “This Week in Junk” considering all of the stories related to Taco Bell, competitive eating and beer. We've got lots of other junk food stories, as well as some healthier ones, for you right after the jump!

Dave discussed a study from the University of Washington that found junk food to be cheaper than healthy food, gave us a lovely homemade recipe for pesto, and expressed why he would never open a restaurant.

Anteaters, rejoice. Edwin gave UCI students some news to celebrate–campus pub to hold first annual beerfest featuring some awesome local breweries. He also introduced us to another cajun crawfish/crab/shrimp boil joint throwing their hat into the ring of the saturated Garden Grove market. He disappointed cooking/Beyonce enthusiasts with the news that the singer will not release a cookbook after all.
Gustavo was a guest on KCRW's Good Food with Evan Kleiman. He sang the praises of nuoc mia, “perhaps the most refreshing drink on Earth.” He also reported on some less tasty topics such as a rise in gout and weight in America and junk food companies using product placement versus traditional advertising.
Happy eating!
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