This Week In Food: Taco Bell Hook Up And Robbery, Fuck Schnapps

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The moral of this week in food is don't take home people you meet at Taco Bell. Check out after the jump all the other advice, insight and news we gave you this week!
Anne Marie went On The Line with Wing Lam of Wahoo's Fish Taco. Read parts one, two and learn how to make your own fish taco here. Also, Merely Sweets added a macaroon and cake shop to the growing list of new eateries in downtown Brea.

Dave cleared up five common misconceptions about Mexican food, and, in a rare moment, introduced a new upscale Mexican food truck, Taco Maria. He also gave us a recipe to make what we here at Weekly World Headquarters so articulately call “crack coffee,” Cà phê sữa đá, or Vietnamese iced coffee.

The claims of copyright infringement is never in short supply in the food world, and Edwin filled us in on Apple's case against a Chinese noodle company. Also, Mitsuwa market began their Hokkaido Fair, a Japanese food fair, Wednesday; Triange Square in Costa Mesa is set to open a chop house and Mexican restaurant.

Shuji praised several local restaurants in our 100 Favorite Dishes feature this week: Mac and Cheese at Ecco, Almond Croissant at Layer Cake Bakery, ABC Burger at Peter's Gourmade Grill, and Tripas Tacos at Alebrijes Grill.

Gustavo reported on the weird and wacky this week with a Taco Bell Crime of the Week which involved a man hooking up with a girl he met at a Taco Bell, then being robbed.

Happy eating!

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