This Week In Food: Strawberry Basil Lemonade, Hipster Cities, and No Damn Monkey Fries!

We hope you had a lovely holiday and would like to nurse your hangover and entrance into the weekend (thank God) with some food news…

Edwin visited Pie Not in Costa Mesa for his weekly review. Then he gave the strawberry basil lemonade at Mick's Karma Bar a slot on our list of OC's 100 best dishes, and it really does deserve it. Really, like, go buy one right now. Well, they're not open now, but soon! And last, he told us about restaurant openings and closures through the month of June.


Gustavo visited San Giovanni in Anaheim for his Hole in the Wall article. Then he gave us two silly pieces – one in which a new Yelp! search feature names OC's biggest hipster cities, and another where Del Taco and Taco Bell unite against a stoner that used their logos without permission.

Michelle introduced Gringo Bandito's new, green sauce. She told us that Playground 2.0 will feature a ramen master this weekend, and very sadly, she also told us that In-N-Out does not have, nor will they support, “monkey style” burgers.

Anne Marie talked to Alissa Grenis and Chris Rubinstein of Bite Me Foods for her On The Line column and had a sad last brunch at Britta's Cafe in Irvine. Dave named La NiƱa de Mezcal Espadin the Drink of the Week. Sarah went to Nomad Asian Bistro for her Long Beach Lunch. Ali Lerman interviewed the Cooking Channel's Kelsey Nixon, and our new intern, Saba Tauqir, wrote about a surprisingly good coffee shop for college students.

Until next week, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It.

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