This Week In Food: Santa Prisca Swizzle, Dog Haus, and the End of Four Loko

Hello sweet Weekly readers, let's take a look at what happened this week in food news…

Edwin went somewhere a little different for his print review, taking us for food and live music at AVIO Dutch Club. Then he told us about some upcoming restaurant openings like Dog Haus in Santa Ana and Eureka! in the UCI Towne Center.


Gustavo visited Ramen Zetton in Costa Mesa for his Hole in the Wall column. He listed 15 signs that someone grew up eating (new) Mexican food in New Mexico and also updated us on the lime crisis. Last, he told us we have to try the capirotada at Taqueria Zamora.

Charles “Clam” Lam tried Taco Bell's new, waffle taco so we didn't have to. And even though the guy loves fast food (I'm not sure why) this waffle taco was just as awkward as you'd expect. Then he told us that cooking your barbecue in beer will reduce carcinogens in the meat. Hooray beer! On the downside, he reported that Four Loko finally saw it's own demise and became glorified Smirnoff Ice.

Dave named the Santa Prisca Swizzle at Broadway the Drink of the Week and then was kind enough to tell us about being stood up in RSM and the food that followed. Sarah went to Binh Duong for her Long Beach Lunch and announced that Mexicali's Craft Brewers Guild is looking for homemade American brews to judge.

Anne Marie interviewed Peter Petro of Ten Asian Bistro and Bosscat Bistro for her On The Line column. And last but not least, Kristine outlined the stages of romantic relationships through meals.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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