This Week In Food: Roasting Hatch Chiles, Demoing with Andrew Gruel, and Winning All the Things!

Hello, and welcome to August! Here's some lovely food news for you and yours…

First, Edwin visited Diego's Downtown in Santa Ana for his weekly review, then he named the Orange County Cooler at JT Schmid's the Drink of the Week. He also announced that Lay's will be bringing back the flavors from their most recent contest. Gustavo is out at the moment, but did take us to Vishnu Restaurant in Irvine for his Hole in the Wall column.


Michelle showed us the Umami cronut burger, and wrote about our big wins at the OC Press Club Awards. Yay! Dave visited a tasting room in Baja, had fresh strawberry-cream donuts, and told everyone to start roasting their hatch chiles now.

Anne Marie announced that a czech-tex chain will soon be coming to Orange County and that our friend Andrew Gruel from Slapfish will be doing a kitchen demo at Macy's. Don't forget napkins, ladies. She also spoke with Robert Stein from Smoqued BBQ for her On The Line column, and last but never least, Sarah visited Spoonn Bistro (yes, I spelled it right) for her Long Beach Lunch.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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