This Week In Food: Pot Tacos, Meaty Sins, and Way Too Much Fast Food News

What's up, duders? It's time for another food round up!

First, Edwin took us to Samurai Burrito in Fountain Valley for his print review, then he gave us the March Restaurant Roll Call where we see restaurants lost and gained in the past month. He told is to eat the sushi at Tabi-Ji and shared Taco Bell and McDonald's ad war.


Gustavo went to Ellie's Table at North Beach for his Hole in the Wall review. He also announced that Taco Bell is going to release a pot brownie taco in Colorado, which is strange on too many levels. Brownie taco? Who cares how much weed is in that thing…brownie taco?! Anyway, he also told us that the owners of The Crosby will be opening a new restaurant in the same location under the title The North Left.

Charles showed us the amazing, although fictional, dehydration pack. Then he retreated to his beloved fast food, listing Big Mac rip-offs and sharing a video of McDonald's executive chef (they have an executive chef?) cooking a Big Mac from scratch.

Anne Marie caved in and tried the food at Puck's Tavern in the Honda Center. She spoke with Chris Brodeur of Tangata in the Bowers Museum for her On The Line column. And she told us that El Amerikano in Downtown Fullerton is now open.

Kristine named five places to get New York pizza in OC and 10 of the county's meatiest sins. Sarah went to Jerry's Place for her Long Beach Lunch. Cleo told us that Taps will open a third location in Irvine (mmm brunch). And last, Dave listed reasons why Whole Foods isn't just a health food store – it's the portal to hell!

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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