This Week in Food: (Possibly) Racist Peanuts, Pee-wee Herman and Mimosas!

Always a busy week 'round here; highlights after the jump!

Shuji found a kit that transforms juice into alcohol, wondered whether a Planters Peanuts commercial insulted Mexicans, and shared his culinary finds on the road to Mammoth.
Anne Marie reported on a ChickPita opening in the culinarily crappy Brea Mall, food-profiled OC's Biltong Guy, and put North and South Indian food buffets to a duel.

I gave my choice for a great mimosa to be enjoyed at a coastal restaurant, introduced our first-ever SaFII intern (Javier Cabral of Glutster infamy), and got drunk after work at AVIA Lounge in Long Beach.

Edwin found a YouTube channel for homesick, hungry Indonesians, went On the Line with Arturo Briones of Wildfish, and penned an open letter to Jon Stewart regarding a Taco Bell commentary edited unfairly.
Dave found a SanTana dive that serves comida corrida (a three-course Mexi meal for about six bucks), gave us a list of five things TV chefs do wrong, and had one of his posts last year retweeted by Pee-wee Herman!

Finally, Michelle confessed her sin that is enjoying Carl's Jr.'s Spicy Chicken Sandwich with jalapeños, while Chasen Marshall from the Weekly's news side wrote up some of his favorite cheeseburgers.

Happy eating!

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