This Week in Food: Placenta, Some Chipotle Hate And Foul-Mouthed Pho

It's hot out here today! Stay cold by reading about all the cool stuff we wrote about this week!


Edwin kept us updated on new restaurant openings, including Pho King Way, who's pho pas has some south county residents upset. He also showed us a master server in action…and you thought it's impossible to carry 15+ cups filled with hot teaBurgers King's mute mascot, The King, has finally gone the way of the Noid.
Anne Marie went On the Line with Louis Francis of Red Table and interviewed Napa Style founder Michael Chiarello.
Michelle filled us in on the, uh, joy of placenta cuisine, and warned mothers of the consequences of punishing your child with hot sauce. Just like American flags on everything and summer blockbusters on the tragedy, someone has found a new way to capitalize on the tragedy of 9/11– memorial wine. A lemonade stand on the US Capitol's lawn went sour
Gustavo brought the bad news that Saturday will be the last night that The Helm bar in Costa Mesa will be open. Not everyone in Manhattan likes Chipotle's poser graffiti
As always, Dave offered sage advice on a variety of topics including how to shop without crossing the supermarket picket lines, five ways to ruin a perfectly good coffee shop, and showed how you actually can feed a family on $100 a week at a farmer's market

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