This Week In Food: OC Fair Grub, Pizza for Dessert, and Never-Ending Nitrogen Ice Cream

Hi everyone! Time for another food round up; let's take a look at what's happened…

Edwin reviewed the long-awaited and controversial North Left (aka the new Crosby) in Santa Ana. He also told us about M Cow, a new Taiwanese restaurant in Irvine, and about two liquid nitrogen, ice cream shops opening. How many liquid nitrogen shops does one county need, seriously?


Anne Marie interviewed Tim Gonzales from TJ's Woodfire Pizza for her On The Line column. She gave us five, glutinous reasons to visit the OC Fair this year, and she named the MJoe from TAPS Fish House our Drink of the Week.

The ever eloquent and hilarious Dave gave us some top 100 dishes, including any and all doughnuts from Sidecar, the oysters from Carlsbad Aquafarm, and the pani puri from Adya. Our intern, Moss, also named same favorite dishes – his being the dutch baby at the Original Pancake House (surprisingly close to a real dutch pancake in Holland, mind you), the lengua tacos at La Chonita, and the lemon miso crab melt found exclusively at Umami Burger Laguna Beach.

Gustavo visited Tamarindo Truck for his Hole in the Wall column and Charles showed us who might be the fastest line cook in the world. Sarah ate at Arya's Fine Persian Cuisine for her Long Beach Lunch – coincidentally where one of Dave's favorite dishes is from. And last, Kiera gave us pizza recipes for every meal of the day complete with pretty pictures.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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