This Week In Food: Money for Kim Pham, The Mixing Glass, and Trying the Paleo Diet

Hey Ya'll, hope you're enjoying this terribly hot, winter weather. Let me try to take you elsewhere by engaging your stomach…

This week Edwin went to Atun, a sushi restaurant in Long Beach, for his print review. Then he told us about some restaurant openings and closings in the county. Check out Tabi-Ji, a Japanese teppanyaki in Tustin, Tabu Burgers & Bites in Santa Ana, or the Indian restaurant that's now taken over Traditions in Tustin.


Gustavo visited Gia Hoi in Westminster for his Hole in the Wall column. He shared a Taco Bell Crime of the Week where a medieval sword fight turned into a drug deal gone bad. And he told us about Downtown Inc.'s $5,000 reward for information about the scum who killed Kim Pham, which has most recently been bumped up to $20,000. C'mon guys, let's get those bastards!

Charles gave us a blog post that details why butter continues to be better than margarine. He told us to eat the haw dup bap at Yoko Express right meow, and he shared a video of what he deems to be the best grilled cheese ever.

Anne Marie spoke with John Ledbetter of Lark Creek for her On The Line column and she announced that The Mixing Glass is now open at The OC Mix. Yay! Then Dave wondered about how to eat a Jenga Burger and took us to Pozolería los Compadres in the fanciest part of Tijuana.

Sarah went to E.J. Malloy's for her Long Beach Lunch. Our newish food writers also joined in; Dominique tried out the Paleo Diet and Zachary did a Q&A with Instagram's biggest vegan – a title I'm unsure of how anyone gets.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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