This Week in Food: Interestingly Delicious Spaghetti, a Time Capsule of a Vietnamese Restaurant, and What Burger to Eat Before the World Ends

While we missed posts from Edwin when he was out enjoying life on vacation, he still told us about an intriguingly erratic yet wonderful menu at The Ally in Garden Grove.

In this week's Hole in the Wall, Gustavo wrote about heavenly Vietnamese food at Phuong Restaurant in Garden Grove. Then he blogged about the Tin Lizzie's specialty cocktail made by Chris the bartender and fittingly called 'The Chris.' He also wrote about the OC Register's new food writer who has come out with his guns blazing, and about the return of his favorite banana water at El Gallo Giro in SanTana.

Anne Marie has been blogging a lot this past week, writing about Slater's 50/50 December burger special, “The Armageddon,” the closing of The Cottage in Laguna Beach after 48 years of service, and about the Birdie Bowl and Juicery coming to the OC Mart Mix.

Dave made our mouths water with his description of the Chingaderas at Smoqued BBQ, cracked us up with his reviews of Yelp reviews, and gave us one of the first looks inside Fullerton's new craft whiskey bar, Hopscotch.

Sprinkled in was Bill's story about a crazy wine RV in our weekly Tijuana Sí! column, Michelle's disbelief about Sriracha lip balm, Sarah's sushi on the cheap at Maru Maki in Long Beach, and Dave Mau's touching piece about a war mural being painted on La Chiquita in SanTana.

Happy Nom Nom Noming!

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