This Week In Food: Hilarious Restaurant Chalkboards, EFF if Effing Closed, and Names That Sounds Like Vagina

Hey, it's May! Let's take a look at what this week in food brought us…

Edwin reviewed Urban Seoul in Irvine and feasted upon their post-modern bibimbap. Then he shared the closing of Endless Food and Fun in Huntington…and I will keep all ironic comments about it to myself. Then he posted a photo of the women whose name was “Vagina” according to one Starbucks barista. And last, he told us about how some people stuck serving time are now reviewing their prison on Yelp! Awkward…


Gustavo visited the Peruvian restaurant Delicias Peruanas in Lake Forest for Hole in the Wall. Then he suggested we try the pambazo ahi crudo from Anepalco's. Then he shared another interview by Chef Geeta Bansal – this time she spoke with the French cooking legend, Pierre Gagnaire.

Michelle shared some absolutely wonderful restaurant chalkboard signs, because sometimes writing the specials is just boring. Then she showed us a ridiculous invention, that most definitely will not catch on – a fork that buzzes when you're eating too fast. I'm still waiting for the invention that wipes my ass for me…And last she announced the spectacular information that Portola Coffee is opening a little shop inside Haven's new Provisions Market in the Circle. Halle-freaking-lujah!

Dave tried out one of Playground's new cocktails, the Santa Ana Daisy, and named it the Drink of the Week. Then showed us some delicious walnut pastries called Cocohodo, and he announced that the new restaurant inside of the Angel's Stadium will be of the Wolfgang Puck variety.

Anne Marie interviewed Chef Kelli K. Elliott from 320 Main. Sarah went to Callaloo Caribbean Kitchen for her Long Beach Lunch. And we were joined by Ali Lerman, who spoke with G. Garvin from the Cooking Channel.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork in It!

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