This Week In Food: Hatin' on Pliny, Cute Things Made of Cookies, and Good God – Not Expensive Limes!

Hi guys, I hope you enjoyed St. Paddy's Day! Let's see what happened the rest of the week…

Edwin went to Boathouse on the Bay for our print review. He told us to try the leche frita at Cafe Sevilla, and announced that HB's Hyatt Regency has a new restaurant.


Gustavo went to the delicious Afters Ice Cream for his Hole in the Wall column. He named the Adriatic Coast at Pizzeria Ortica the Drink of the Week and gave us the scoop on our terrible increase in lime prices!

Charles said that tequila sugars might be good for us, he went on another Charles rant (this time about Pliny the Younger), and showed us an adorable McDonald's meal made entirely out of cookies – eee!

Anne Marie gave us a preview of EAT LBC, shared the first bartending classes that will hit The Mixing Glass, and she spoke with Eddie Choi of Milk + Honey.

Sarah went to Pancho's Mexican Restaurant for her Long Beach Lunch. Dave Mau took us to Greece, Ali Lerman interviewed Bobby Flay, and Bill brought us to Mariscos el Güar for Tijuana Sí!

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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