This Week In Food: Gratuitous Use of the Fuck Word, Beer is the Fountain of Youth!

So it looks like the Dec. 16 edition of This Week in Food offended a reader. I regurgitated a post Michelle did about a nifty little website called “Where the Fuck to Drink.” Because the work fuck and alcohol always catches eyes, mine included, I included it in the headline as a featured story. Dennis of Anaheim voiced his concerns to me in an email.

“Is this acceptable reading material to you? Underneath the heading it says By Taylor Hamby. I can't believe that this is now headlines or allowable reading material that is on the OC weekly web site and on my front page of my computer. I never thought that I'd have to sensor “regular” reading material that is part of my Yahoo start page. I think you should think twice before writing something so offensive online.”

To those that I offended because I used other people's foul language in my humble rehash post, I apologize; this is a family site after all. 

Happy New Year!

Our lovely food team contributed to our 2011 in review article on our print edition. Check it out in the paper or online here.

Edwin introduced us to the viral video of the Crazy Crepe Man of Majorca. You just have to see it to understand. Also; McDonald's Wi-Fi is becoming more popular than their Big Macs. Not only are fatty foods bad for your waistline, they can cause brain damage too. Yippee… He chose his five favorite restaurants of 2011. 
Gustavo named the Stinger at Memphis at the Santora as his drink of the week. Also; A Texas woman was found taking a meth nap in the drive thru of a Taco Bell. Evan Kleiman of KCRW's “Good Food” radio show announced she's closing Angeli Cafe 🙁
Michelle prepped us for this weekend's parties with news of a supposed hangover cure called Mercy. You can thank her Monday. Also; beer and martinis may help you live longer. Homer Simpson and Brian Griffin are rejoicing. Check out eight epic food spills. 
I named the glorious fusion of bourbon and tripel ale known as Allagash Curieux as my drink of the week.  

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