This Week In Food: Fresh Reese's, Algae Milk, and No More Homebrewers Festival

Hey, you guyz, it's time for another week in food! Let's see what happened…

Edwin went to Nesai California Italian Cuisine & Bar for his print review. He shared the opening of Minamoto Kitchoan, a Japanese sweet shop, at Fashion Island. And he told us about yummy pho sliders at a restaurant in Fountain Valley.


Gustavo ate at Tacos Radioactivos for his Hole in the Wall column (and hopefully didn't get cancer, tee hee hee hee). Then he named the Boulevardier at Bambú Lounge our Drink of (Last) Week and told us a story about a man hitting Taco Bell on his way to the emergency room.

Charles said Grande Bakery might return to Santa Ana. He previewed a panel that will take place at UCI on Monday where experts will take a look at GMO foods. And if you were ever interested, Charles shared that we can order Reese's Peanut Butter Cups straight from the factory.

Anne Marie spoke with Kyle Markt of Green Tomato Grill for her On The Line column and compared Ube donuts from around town. Sarah went to Marketplace Grill Cafe for her Long Beach Lunch and explained why Anaheim wants to be the most beer friendly city.

Cleo announced that the Homebrewers Festival will be cancelled this year 🙁 Dave told us to eat the khao soi at Playground. And Sierra Wright-Ruiz wrote an open letter to picky eaters.

We were also visited by our top-notch investigative reporter, R. Scott Moxley, who shared a story about an Irvine councilman's decision to block Chik-Fil-A from moving into the UCI Shopping Center. Ryan Cady blogged in defense of french fries. Javier Cabral joined us after some time and shared some strange finds from the Natural Products Expo last weekend. And last, I told everyone to buy tickets for Artopia on March 22!

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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