This Week in Food: Fresca, Liquid Nitrogen, and La Copa Mundial!

Hey, Readers! Hope you're having a great summer. As you hopefully know by now, this week we published our 2014 summer guide, The Classiest Summer Ever. The food blog was just as sunny, so let's get into it.


Edwin didn't do his regular restaurant review this week, instead, he went ice cream hunting with a list of the best new places to buy ice cream this summer (My favorite gets a mention but not a listing). Speaking ice cream, Mr. Goei also announced the opening of à la minute in Orange, another LN ice cream joint that'll, thankfully, be doing balsamic strawberry. He also announced the coming Little Saigon Night Market, which will be awesome, and the fact that Tastea is giving away free organic coffee until.. today. He also headed up this week's Eat This Now with a beautiful spinach-stuffed cheesy omelet from The Snooty Fox in one of the Lagunas. Oh, and one more opening for Edwin this week, J. Zhou Oriental Cuisine at The District.

Gustavo also didn't do this regular Hole in the Wall this week, going instead with a list of the best agua frescos in Orange County, just in time to cool off. And no, we didn't forget about the World Cup, Gustavo wrote a list of the 10 best places to watch the games.

On the Line was (mostly) standard this week, Anne Marie spoke with Scott Raczek of Tavern + Bowl. She also shared some food porn from the Taste of the Nation Laguna Beach event. Hanging out with the pops this weekend? Anne Marie's got you covered with a list of five places to eat. Nothing do tonight? Anne Marie told us about the sax behind Lisa Simpson playing at Bayside.. TONIGHT. And, finally, Anne Marie has use covered for Drink of the Week, with a fresh cucumber cobbler at Aqua Lounge in Newps.

Dave Lieberman made an appearance with a post about the FDA's coming war on cheese and their backing off of said war.

Sarah Bennett did another entry in her Long Beach Lunch column, this week visiting the Belmont Brewing Company.

The next entry of Tijuana Sí! dropped this week, with a guide to the Valle de Guadalupe's campestres, stands, and restaurants by the wonderful Bill Esparza.

Meanwhile, Ryan Cady went double duty this week, first with a defense of the American school lunch, and second, a review of Nabisco's new Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

Cleo dropped a bomb on Santa Ana with an announcement of Cismontane Brew Co's new coming taproom and distillery and another craft beer spot, Native Son Alehouse, which will be opening across from the Playground. Keeping with the summer theme, Cleo also wrote her seasonal beer list, 5 Great Orange County Beers for the Summer.

I opened the week snarking it up about SunnyD's new EXTREME energy drink, following that up by introducing everyone with a list of 10 ways to use your penis cake pan after the bachelorette party. Then I showed you guys the best food commercial ever (seriously, watch it).

Man, what a week. And on to the next!

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