This Week In Food: El Gringo, Bowers After Hours, and Some Sad, Food Stories

Hey you guys! It's that time for our weekly, food round up. Let's take a look at what the writers had going on…

First, Edwin visited Rick Bayless' Red O for his print review. He introduced Ikea's new, 3-course prix fixe dinner menu….uhhhhh anyways, and he also announced the opening of a nitrogen ice cream shop in Buena Park.


Gustavo went to Honda-Ya Box in Costa Mesa for his Hole in the Wall review. Then he shared some very sad news. First is that Memphis at the Santora is closing 🙁 and second is a story about a women who died from a brain aneurysm in a Taco Bell drive thru and was then robbed in her car. Sooo, those people can just go to hell.

Charles told us about a coffee shop in London that wants to offer free drinks and food, instead charging customers by the time they're in the store. He announced that Chiptole is now open at UCI. And, more bad news in food, he wrote about a man in Texas who stabbed a women for bringing him the wrong dish.

Anne Marie spoke with Scott McVean of PdM Kitchen for her On The Line column, shared the new burger at Mick's Karma Bar – the El Gringo, and introduced the themed dinners that will be held at Bowers Museum “After Hours.”

Kristine Hoang shared a list of five roll-shaped asian foods to try today. Sarah took us to Rivera's for her Long Beach Lunch. And I gave everyone a preview of Steamers' special, all Mexican-spirit cocktail menu that will only be available this Sunday.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It! (And let's hope next week isn't so depressing!)

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