This Week in Food: Criticizing Stupid Lists, Loving Stupider Taco Bell Videos, and Smart Moink!

Another busy week at SaFII–after the jump, the highlights!

I found a hypnotic video of Miami rappers lauding Taco Bell while having strippers ass-smash tacos on each other, found out that the Russian military is allegedly feeding dog food to soldiers because they're so damn broke, announced our first-ever hot sauce/salsa contest (this July!), and discovered that the Orange County's District Attorney's office once sued Taco Bell for supposedly selling fake beef. The more things change…

Edwin put Jersey Mike's versus Philly's Best in the Dueling Dishes arena, reported on creepy Texas schools photographing what kids eat, and found a new Chinese dumpling place in–where else?–Irvine.

Dave ate at the worst restaurant in the Anaheim resort and lived to tell the tale, slammed Rubio's for failing to reproduce a taco salceado, and laughed at MSNBC's weak-sauce foodie-trends list.

Finally, Shuji taught us how to make moinks, Vickie gave us the Weekly staff's last meals, and Anne Marie went On the Line with Jared Cook of St. Roy Chef's Pub in San Clemente and gave us three great, affordable spots to try in Las Vegas. Bet on black 23 for us!

Happy eating, and see you after the Rapture!

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