This Week in Food: Controversial Tamale Fundraisers, Great Office Park Eats, and Charlie Palmer!

Given this was Turkey Week, the blogging 'round here was at a more-relaxed pace, but that doesn't mean there weren't goodies in the mix (sorry for the double negative, a no-no in English, but I'm still asleep from the racks of ribs we ate last night). After the jump, some highlights!

Only in Orange County–and only on this blog–could a simple post about a non-profit staging a tamale fundraiser turn into a flame war, but that's what happened (and would this have happened with a ramen fundraiser held by a Japanese non-profit? Is the Crystal Cathedral financially healthy?) I spilled the beans on my favorite OC food bloggers and ostensibly talked to Charlie Palmer about his new DG Burger–but I really wanted to know what local eateries he liked other than his own. And I was delighted to tell even more people about Rick's Atomic Cafe in Costa Mesa by interviewing chef-owner Rick LeBlanc

Dave kept on the tamale beat, wondering why they're so darn expensive (note to Dave, from a Mexican that has eaten them for decades: they actually aren't!). He also gave us a Thanksgiving yam recipe and finally found a cemita joint in Orange County, specifically Anacrime.

Edwin is supposed to be on assignment, but did report from Venus with news that IKEA is offering free breakfast all THIS weekend. Michelle is also on assignment, but shared some ungodly meal that makes the turducken seem as straightforward as a blade of grass. And Vickie introduced a new feature in which we talk to local celebs about what they're eating in OC right now. May this segment not turn out like a food issue we did years ago, where we asked the same question of activists–and most of them replied IHOP. True story!

And, finally, a John Wayne Airport food stand wish list. As ustedes return from points East, as guests leave our naranja, please keep this list–and the current, terrible stands–in mind. Happy eating!

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