This Week In Food: Cocaine Cake, Another Reason Why Beer is Great, and Farewell to Pee Wee's

Happy friday, guys! How about, don't do real work and read this nicely condensed version of our weekly food blog instead?

Let's begin, as we always do, with Edwin. He took us to Bonefish Grill in Tustin for his print review, listed 10 Fullerton restaurants he deems absolutely essential to…Fullerton, and shared the rather shitty news that PeeWee's Famous Hot Dogs and Hamburgers in HB has closed. Nooooo! Glorious, sweet potato tater tots! Goodbye delicious hot dogs too big for human mouths! We'll miss you dearly.


Gustavo didn't visit a restaurant for Hole in the Wall this week, instead taking us to Seacliff Deli & Liquor in HB. Then Gustavo commented on what, he believes, is unwarranted hype for the “new” yet redundant, burrito vending machine. Last, he gave us a list of the 15 signs that you grew up eating Tex-Mex. Who knew there could be signs for such a thing.

Charles, sticking with his proclivity for French people being silly, shared a story about a grocery chain in France that had to pull a cake off its shelves because people believed there was cocaine in them. Then he told us about how we can add “extinguishes fire” to the list of Reasons Why Beer is Awesome. He also tried Del Taco's new, turkey tacos – so we don't have to.

Anne Marie spoke with Aaron Anderson of Harlow's for her On The Line column, and she announced the opening of a new restaurant in Newport Beach called Bosscat Kitchen and Libations. Sounds more like a stern, kitty meme, though. Dave took us to Platinum Brew in El Modena. Sarah visited Sushi Studio for her Long Beach Lunch. Our newish writer, Cleo, gave all of the Trader Joe's nut butters a taste test, and good ol' Dave Mau offered up a list to help us better understand what it's like to be a restaurant manager.

Until next time, have a wet and wild weekend, sluggers.

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