This Week In Food: Cheese, Southern California Loving, And Feelings About Turkey

Hello dearest readers! With LP being a slacker and actually taking vacation time this week (who does that?), it falls to me to deliver to you the dining digest you all know and love.

This week, Edwin made the trek down to the Irvine Spectrum to try The Melt, a Web 2.0, San Franciscan grilled cheese truck trying to worm its way into Southern California with a brick and mortar. Mr. Goei also had restaurant openings on lock this week, announcing the openings of Rasoi Curry Point in Tustin, Seoulmate in Long Beach, Empanada Maker in Mission Viejo, Lily Chai also at the Spectrum, and Taiko Udon in the heart of Little Saigon.


Gustavo meanwhile stayed in SanTana and spotlit (spotlighted?) Tortas Sinaloa, a Mexi sandwich spot that's going the way of Taqueria De Anda. He also gave us an excuse to escape our families (or at least get drunk without them noticing) with our drink of the week, the Bacon Bloody mary at Break of Dawn, and the debut of Slater 50/50's holidays shakes, the bourbon shake included. For those of us actually stuck with our families, Gustavo offered 5 Mexican ways of eating turkey, which are all superior to the over-stuffed, over-cooked beast that's now the norm. Not everything was peachy keen though, Irwindale shut down parts of the Sriracha plant and cartels are all up in Mexico's avocado business, but whatcha gonna do?

I spent my time firing shots at my old city by going over 5 ways OC food is better than Seattle. That one pissed off a lot of people in the Great North Left, but hey, I don't pull punches. I also spent a lot of time eating Korean barbecue this week, in part because Cham Sut Gol is finally starting a happy hour, and that made me really hungry.

Anne Marie was on the line with Chef Cody Storts of Fullerton's HopScotch, and did work show casing some great eats of both the corn and rosemary scone variety and the non-traditional Thanksgiving type.

Rounding it out, the wonderful Sarah Bennett paid homage to the wonderful Golden Burger, Dave published an amazing (and effective) critique of third-wave coffee shops, and Kristine brought us all back to our childhoods with 10 signs that you grew up eating in Southern California.

That was this week, and, in the words of LP herself, “Until next week, have a good one, you little rascals.”

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