This Week In Food: Changes at Haven, The Big Draw, and A Vietnamese Plate from the Gods

Hello dears, it's time again for the weekly food round up.

To begin, Edwin visited Fireside Tavern inside Costa Mesa's Crowne Plaza hotel. Then he reminded us that the Strawberry Festival is happening this weekend in Garden Grove. Edwin also showed us a gift from the gods, the 10-item plate at Thuan Kieu Noodle & Grill. Last, he briefed us on some big changes happening at Haven Gastropub.


Gustavo headed to Barcelona On the Go, an old school luxe lonchera for Hole In The Wall. He updated us on Chipotle's lack of Latinos in its Author Series, and he named the 10 most important burritos in burrito history.

Charles aka Clam was all about Disneyland this week due to their annual 24-hour Disney Day. He listed the 10 best foods to eat within the resort, and then the 10 best restaurants surrounding the park. Clam also showed us a video where 3 Japanese dudes eat at 10 burger spots in one day. Barf.

Anne Marie interviewed Trait Tanjasiri of The Crema Cafe for her On The Line column. There's a nice photo of macaroons, so you should probably look. She also announced the opening of our darling Chef Alessandro Pirozzi's new restaurant, aptly named Pirozzi, in Corona del Mar. Last, she gave a promo for Pie-Not's Kickstarter fundraiser.

Sarah went to Cinco de Mayo for her Long Beach Lunch. Ryan Cady ate Subway's Flatizza so you don't have to! And we were joined by our clubs editor, Aimee Murillo, with her video about The Big Draw event at The Copper Door.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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