This Week In Food: Bear Coast Coffee, Saving Beer, and Foodies Who Aren't Hipsters

Well, shoot, wouldn't you know that it's time for another food round up. Let's take a look at what happened this week and where you need to go next!

Edwin went to The Breakfast Bar in Long Beach and ate…breakfast. He commanded us to eat everything at Rocharin Thai Bistro and showed us a raining food video that's gone viral. He also announced Chiptole's price hikes and the Feds approval of powdered alcohol.


Gustavo visited Grill Cafe in Laguna Hills for his Hole in the Wall column then shook his head at a new, tequila flavored beer. He ends on more Taco Bell news (seriously, they've been in every post this last month) with a funny photo of a cop car stuck on a boulder in a Taco Bell parking lot and Bell's plan to create a “high end” taco brand.

Dave introduced Soda Chanh – it's Little Saigon in a can! Then he told us Paninoteca Maggio is coming to Downtown Santa Ana and that an original Portola Coffee guy just opened Bear Coast Coffee in San Clemente.

Charles shared Alton Brown's video for the perfect boiled eggs and he told us to go to Krispy Kreme next Monday when you can buy a dozen and get a dozen for free! Anne Marie announced the opening of The Winery in Newport and interviewed the cool dudes from Ways & Means Oyster House. Cleo instructed us on how to avoid ruining home-brewed beer. Sarah took us to Boubouffe Mediterranean for her Long Beach Lunch. And Kiera stressed that being a foodie does NOT make you a hipster. (Although, they're not mutually exclusive either)

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick A Fork In It!

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