This Week in Food: Bad Tequila Bottles, Bánh Mì Rip-Offs, and Heather Graham!

Here's another terrible tequila bottle to ponder: the so-phallic-it's-embarrassing Asombroso. I've had their tequila, and it makes gutter water taste downright Cabernet. Bad-looking tequila bottles were on the agenda this week, along with other issues, all after the jump!

I was the one who highlighted silly tequila bottles, wrote an open letter to people who are backing an amazing local chef's dreams but want hookah to accompany the person's vision, and advised someone who wanted to eat in downtown SanTana but only had a credit card.

Edwin gave us much to drool about: Heather Graham to star in a show highlighting Korean cuisine, the delicious fish 'n' chips at Chippy's, and a cheap-ass-but-delicious chicken dinner in Little Saigon.

And Dave blasted the idea of paying for the right to spend money at a luxe-lonchera fest (reminds me of those personal-seat license NFL owners instituted during the 1990s), did a bit of reporting on a Laguna Beach group's efforts to use that wonderfully fertile Orange County soil. and rightfully ripped some luxe-lonchera that dares charge more than $4 for a bánh mì (any Viet sandwich priced above that better cure my carpal-tunnel syndrome). And he spread the gospel of Sol del Sur in San Juan Capistrano.

Happy eating!

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