This Week in Food: Bánh Mì Rants, Awesome Catfish and Kittens in Pots (But Not Cooked)!

Between infographics on Flamin' Hot Cheetos and much more, it's been quite a week on your favorite infernal blog. Best of the week after the jump!
Shuji found some weird sushi-flavored candy kit for kiddies, thinks he cracked Zankou's garlic-sauce code, and alerted us to the opening of the annual sale of locally raised pork at Buena Park High School.

Michelle finally found one Laguna Beach: The Real OC star who's doing something productive with her life (a cupcakery!), noshed on roasted catfish at #1 Restaurant in Little Saigon, and showed us how ginormous Starbucks' new Trenta serving size really is.

I (along with Weekly production genius Jay Brockman) did an infographic on the cheesy scourge of schoolyards nationwide, predicted the 2-in-1 burrito will be San Diego's next legendary burrito, railed against  The New York Times' laughable list of the best bánh mìs in America (with nary a mention of Little Saigon), and found out the world's oldest drinkable beer is returning from the dead.

Anne Marie discovered that Fish Camp in H.B. is now serving brekkie, discovered hidden gelato at Irvine Lanes, and announced an anniversary special at the Chippy in Irvine.

Edwin reported on an allegation that Chinese companies are trying to pass off shredded plastic as rice, gave us a video of kittens in nabe pots, and commented on how Jamie Oliver won't be allowed in Los Angeles-area public schools.

Finally, Dave listed five reasons not to go out on Valentine's Day, found great sourdough bread deep within the Orange Circle, and wondered (along with the rest of the rational world) why Iran would profess to try to ban “foreign” foods from government-controlled entities when Persian food is hardly indigenous.

Happy eating!

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