This Week In Food: A Racist Guacamole Song, Gaynor's Lounge, and No Latex…Gloves!

Hey folks. Here's another nicely condensed dining digest for you reading pleasure. Let's see what happened this week…


Edwin went to Solita, a smaller version of SOL Cocina, in Huntington Beach. Then he gave us the restaurant roll call for January. He also told us that Farm Direct Market, basically a Wholesome Choice, will be opening in Irvine. And he announced that Orange County will be receiving its own 626 Night Market at the Fairgrounds.

Gustavo visited Smokey Fred's BBQ for his Hole in the Wall review. He gave us a breakdown for the final hours of Memphis at the Santora, and he told us that the Food Network seems a bit embarrassed by their racist, Guacamole Song.

Anne Marie talked with the owners of N'IceCream for On The Line. (Speaking of which, you should try the pistachio. Nom Nom Nom). She also announced the opening of Curry House in Santa Ana and Slapfish's second location in Laguna Beach. If only Slapfish could make it to central OC the next time they expand. Oh, but there's that whole sustainable seafood bit, huh? *le sigh*

Thao wrote that Gaynor's Lounge, the “last white bar” in Little Saigon, is closing soon. Dave told us about a man in Temecula who pointed a gun at a girl scout. The other Dave, Dave Mau, gave us a list of straight-up and on point reasons why bartenders should not have to wear latex gloves while they work.

On the opposite end, Dominique offered a rather un-sanitary report on the Paleo Diet. And last but not least, Sarah went to/had some Shenanigans for her Long Beach Lunch.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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