This Week In Food: A Racist Burrito, Hipster Vietnamese Food, and a First-Date Guide

Hey ya'll, let's take a look at what happened on our little blog this week…

Edwin went to Chianina Steakhouse in Long Beach for his print review. Then he told us about some new spots opening up: try a beef noodle place in Irvine, the infamous ramen burger in Santa Ana, or a donut filled with ice cream in Fountain Valley.


Gustavo visited Pita Hot in Fullerton for his Hole in the Wall review. Then he brought us a Taco Bell story about a man who asked to keep his booze cold in their fridge. And he told us about a racist jerk who threw a burrito covered in slurs.

Charles shared a video of a man eating four Chipotle burritos in three minutes (not that it's a video you'd actually want to watch.) He also posted a less gastronomically disturbing video of a journalist being fed scotch by a Scotsman. And he gave us another crotchety old man post about why he hates that Vietnamese food is hip.

Anne Marie spoke with Nathaniel Nguyen and Amy Pham of Prince & Pantry for her On The Line column. Dave gave us another hilarious critique of Yelp reviews, and told us to try the chicken dinner at Honda Center's Grand Terrace restaurant.

Ali Lerman interviewed celebrity chef, Anne Burrell of Worst Cooks in America. Sarah went to Deli News for her Long Beach Lunch. Kiera Wright-Ruiz broke down the meanings of first-date meals. And The Poorman gave us part two of his journey to 48 bars on Super Bowl Sunday.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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