This Week In Food: 48 Super Bowl Bars, Breakfast in Bed, and Farewell to Dinner with Dave

Hello lovebirds and lonely ones. Let's take a look at what happened this week in food before you get cheesy or get drunk.

First, Edwin went to Tasty Garden in Irvine for his print review. Then he named 10 essential restaurants in Orange, told us to eat the taquitos at El Toro Bravo, and announced the opening of a vegan, Vietnamese restaurant in Fountain Valley.


Gustavo visited Pho Crystal Noodle House in Santa Ana, and deemed it pho for Mexicans. He found the 10 busiest, In-N-Out drive-thrus in the county via Google Earth. He told us about a San Diego Sheriff's latino-gang sweep called “Operation Guacamole,” and he gave us yet another ridiculous story from Taco Bell; this time a manager stole $500 for heroin!

Anne Marie named the Breakfast in Bed at SideDoor the Drink of the Week. She also spoke with Yalcin Aslan from DonerG for her Hole in the Wall column, and announced that Kitima will be trying out a new, thai sausage concept.

Dave took us for pan and Russian spreads in this week's Tijuana Sí! and he also gave us another installment of his hilarious reviews of Yelp. Cleo told us that Bottle Logic opened in Anaheim. Thao took us to Tustin's Acai Republic. And The Poorman shared part one of his epic, 48-bar journey on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sarah took us to Aroma di Roma for her Long Beach Lunch. Dave Mau said goodbye to Memphis at the Santora, and the last Dinner with Dave as we know it 🙁 Last, Kristine told us how to make a romantic dinner for one.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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