This Valentine's: Have Your Ex-Lover Tattoos Removed for Free in Newport!

It's a wonder why people still get their lover's name tattooed on them. We all know it's probably not going to end well, and then people are stuck with the embarrassing reminder. However, this Valentine's Day a nice plastic surgeon could save you from that mistake you made with Candy or Butch.

CosmetiCare in Newport Beach is currently holding a contest for the most dramatic ex-lover tattoos where five winners will be chosen to have that tattoo removed for free on Valentine's.

Pretty hilarious, and awesome.

CosmetiCare hopes their contest will “give some good folks a fresh start to their love lives.” Just as long as you don't use the new free space to get another dumb name. If you're ready to move on all you have to do is submit your story and a photo of the tattoo to er*************@gm***.com by Tuesday, Feb. 12. Then be prepared to go under the laser two days later if you win.

As far as being chosen a top five contender, we recommend telling CosmetiCare about how awful your ex-lover was, and how much it would mean to your new lover if the tattoo were gone. Or you could take the angle of being single, and unable to attract new people with your atrocious body art. Either way, make it juicy and let the worst tats win!

For more details call (949) 718-6900

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