This Just In: Mark Sanchez is Still Mexican…and He’ll Tell You All About It

Mark Sanchez, the pride of Mission Viejo High School who took his mad quarterbacking skills to USC, the New York Jets, the Philadelphia Eagles and now the world-champion Denver Broncos, talks about his Mexican heritage in a new video produced by an undocumented immigrant.

Jose Antonio Vargas is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and founder of #EmergingUS, which is described as “a new media platform with the goal of inspiring a new dialogue on race, immigration and identity in America.”

The platform launched on Feb. 18 on Beacon as the largest U.S.-based journalism crowdfunding campaign to date, according to #EmergingUS.

It is seeking to raise $1 million in 60 days (the deadline is next Monday, April 18).

Soon to launch will be Sanchez’s #EmergingUS video. Here is the world premiere of its trailer:

But wait, there is more to see.

Here is the Vargas story:

Here are some helpful links:

#EmergingUS website:

Beacon campaign page:

#EmergingUS Facebook:

#EmergingUS Twitter:
And don’t forget our own coverage of Sanchez’s mexicanidad, from when he wore a mouthpiece emblazoned with the Mexican flag to our 2008 cover story on the ching√≥n.

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