This is Why the Democratic Party in Orange County is Largely a Joke

Last year, I gave a speech for some section of the Democratic Party of Orange County–I can't remember if it was the Foundation, Young Dems, or something, but it was at the Hacienda in SanTana. It wasn't well-received if I remember correctly through the haze of Maker's, mostly because I urged the younger Dems in the audience to not follow in the footsteps of their corrupt predecessors–Robert Battin, a couple of other supervisors, and the like (I'll never forget OC Dem boss Frank Barbaro's long face and tart correction of me when I flubbed a name or date–again, the Maker's). But as long as some of the young Democrats in the crowd got my message–break away with the cronyism and appeals to party loyalty–then I considered it a success.

Months later, I now know my speech was an utter failure. Nothing else can explain why the Orange County Young Democrats have endorsed Papi Pulido for mayor of SanTana. Papi Pulido, the Napoleon of Orange County politics, the man who has done…what exactly? in his more than 20 years at SanTana City Hall other than save his family's muffler shop. Papi Pulido, who never met a conflict of interest he didn't jump into with the same gusto Uncle Scrooge swam with in his gold coins. Papi Pulido, who's notorious for never making appearances in public unless he's guaranteed a positive reception.

The funniest thing about the OCYD's endorsement is that one of their own, Michelle Martinez, is also running for SanTana mayor. Can one of you Young Dems explain the rationale here?

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